First United Methodist Church of Waynesburg, Pennsylvania 15370
Waynesburg First United Methodist Church
Wednesday, January 16, 2019
...for God to change lives through us

Worship Service Order


Prelude: an introductory song to welcome you in to the worship service


Announcements: upcoming church/community events are shared; they are also printed in the bulletin


Time of Preparation: a time to sit, listen to the music, and ready your heart for worship


Hymn: songs are in the hymnals in each pew or projected onto the screen on the wall of the sanctuary; we sing to praise God.


Sharing Joys/Concerns: please raise your hand and the pastor will call on you to share a joy or ask for prayers


Pastoral Prayer/Lord’s Prayer/Affirmation of Faith: the pastor prays and then everyone is invited to recite together the Lord’s Prayer and Apostle’s Creed both found in your bulletin and projected on the sanctuary wall; these are traditional Christian prayers and affirmations of our beliefs


Anthem: the choir or a soloist will sing a special song


Children’s Sermon: all children are invited to come to the front of the sanctuary for a few minutes for message directed at them


Gifts and Offering: the ushers walk past each pew and pass the offering plate to collect any monetary donations you would like to give to the church; all money goes to church missions and programs


Doxology: please stand and sing the doxology projected onto the sanctuary wall or found in your hymnal as #95; the pastor prays for the offering to bless the church and community


A Time of Sharing in Song: again we sing to praise God, this time through more contemporary music


Message: the pastor shares a message based on Biblical scripture


Benediction: the pastors gives a final blessing to the congregation at the end of the worship service


Congregational Response: please stand if able and sing the final song response as a congregation, projected on the sanctuary wall